HHS Secretary Azar Wants Employers to Help Control Health Care Costs

Secretary Azar discusses the importance of supporting an initiative to decrease “backdoor rebates” used by drug companies. He states that employers can enhance quality of care by avoiding these rebates and contracting directly with hospitals. Increased competition in the healthcare market would ultimately reduce unnecessary costs at the patient level.

 “We need new levels of competition in health care so that market forces can increase quality and drive down costs, just like they do throughout the rest of our economy. We need transparency around price and quality so that individual consumers and, in some cases, third-party payers can drive that transformation.”

                                                                                         Secretary Azar

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Arcadia Awarded 2019 Best In KLAS For Value-Based Care Managed Services

Arcadia was recently recognized for its outstanding work with population health data analytics. Ranked among other value-based care services, Arcadia placed number one with a score of 89.5, followed by Lumeris, Conifer Health Solutions, and Evolent Health, as per KLAS’ report.

This score represents unparalleled skill in healthcare analytics which allows its providers to systematically and economically engage in value-based care, and as such positions Arcadia as the leader of its field. Software like Arcadia thoughtfully work through complex data for providers, including contracts and clinical interactions, making meaningful use of the information to facilitate healthcare delivery. This ultimately enables a higher quality of care at the individual level, marking a clear and important clinical impact.

“Arcadia’s #1 ranked value based care services enable health systems to effectively share risk. Arcadia’s team is committed to ensuring organizations are economically successful in value-based care models.  Provider-centric services ranging from contract negotiation to care management are supported by insights from Arcadia’s market-leading population health management platform, Arcadia Analytics.  This combination of deep expertise and sophisticated analytics ensures providers and administrators can effectively and efficiently engage patients and manage risk.”

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ICHOM Influences Healthcare Measurement

What do you know about the ‘Value Equation’ in health?  Quality? Cost? Value to whom?   

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) takes on the important task of measuring and reporting health outcomes that matter most to patients.  

“We bring together patient representatives, leading physicians and registry leaders to prioritize a core set of outcomes for different medical conditions. These are published in our open-access Standard Sets, which hospitals use to guide the outcomes they should measure.”  


These reports, called “standard sets”, include 26 diseases and 9 on the way which can be found at https://www.ichom.org/standard-sets/. This video explains how the ICHOM works with patients, physicians, and leaders in the field to generate these sets. 

An example of the standard set for “Older Person”: 

Their work reflects a desire to enforce best practices by placing an emphasis on patient-centered care. They aim to redefine the way physicians discuss health and progress to improve communication and understanding with patients. The ICHOM proports to increase informed decision making among patients with regard to their health, improve quality of care, and reduce health costs.  

Visit https://www.ichom.org to learn more about the consortium. And be sure to ask next time you have to get a procedure or treatment done: ‘What outcomes are being tracked for this procedure?’ or ‘What am I hoping will be the outcome of this treatment?’  The best providers are very likely tracking outcomes.