Become a Member

Why Join?

  1. Complex health reform is here to stay-the PHO is a resource for information
  2. Ability to negotiate contract with third party Payors as PHO, not a practice.
  3. Members can sit on committees to guide SVHP policies and procedures
  4. Transparency of SVHP-everything will be on SVHP website
  5. Quality Based bonuses in contracts
  6. IT connectivity in SVHP Health Information Exchange network for improved patient care and information transfer
  7. Access to Group purchasing for better pricing on office supplies, equipment and medication
  8. Access to third party billing vendor at no more than 5.5% revenue
  9. Access to group malpractice rates
  10. Access to care coordination
  11. Population management
  12. SVHP quarterly quality reports for each provider and practice, by insurer
  13. Easy membership structure:
    Annual subscription fee of $1000 per provider, or $250 per quarter ($950 if paid at the anniversary date each year).
  14. To stop membership, send letter of resignation, no more membership fees, and it will take effect in 90 days

What Will Not Change If You Join SVHP?

  1. You can keep your current EMR and billing system
  2. Still submit claims to insurer, and get paid by insurer
  3. Can remain independent practice