History of SVHP

In January 2011, the voluntary medical staff leadership, along with the senior leadership team at St. Vincent’s, created at Physician-Hospital Advisory Board (PHAB) to explore new opportunities for physician-hospital alignment.  The purpose of PHAB was to create a Clinically Integrated infrastructure of shared-governance that ensured ongoing success and autonomy of our medical community under health care reform.  Members of this board were selected by the voluntary medical staff officers and approved by the Medical Executive Committee.

The Board’s first objective was to define the elements of a meaningful physician-hospital alignment effort and its relevance to the voluntary medical staff.  An effective model of clinical integration requires that providers, physicians and hospitals alike, take responsibility for population health management; expand access to the continuum of care and improve outcomes at lower costs.  Focusing on quality metrics and clinical outcomes allows us to provide optimal care for our patients, as well as the ability to respond to future reimbursement models such as bundled payments, accountable care organizations (ACO’s) and financial penalties for re-admissions and complications.

The Board thoroughly evaluated several models of physician-hospital integration such as clinical co-management by service line, medical foundations, physician-hospital organizations (PHOs), and accountable care organizations (ACO).  Ultimately, the final model selected for our community offers an array of services that meets the needs of all types of physicians and medical practices, but most importantly a model founded on equally shared governance between the physicians and the hospital.  An underlying principle in creating our physician-hospital organization was the ability to allow the physician members to remain independent yet benefit from the resources that would be available as part of a larger organization-such as practice management resources, patient navigators, electronic health records, group purchasing discounts, contracting, and shared data analytics on quality measures.

In order to establish a successful physician hospital network in our community, St. Vincent’s agreed to provide funding for a national consulting group to guide the PHAB to establish the legal entity, create a governance structure, and organize the resources needed by its members.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) was distributed to four organizations specializing in clinically integrated projects.  A final consultant was selected by the PHAB and the infrastructure was put in place.  The next six months were spent creating the governance structure, aligning resources, and identifying physicians who became members.  A CEO was hired and St. Vincent’s Health Partners was started on June 11, 2012.