ICHOM Influences Healthcare Measurement

What do you know about the ‘Value Equation’ in health?  Quality? Cost? Value to whom?   

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) takes on the important task of measuring and reporting health outcomes that matter most to patients.  

“We bring together patient representatives, leading physicians and registry leaders to prioritize a core set of outcomes for different medical conditions. These are published in our open-access Standard Sets, which hospitals use to guide the outcomes they should measure.”  


These reports, called “standard sets”, include 26 diseases and 9 on the way which can be found at https://www.ichom.org/standard-sets/. This video explains how the ICHOM works with patients, physicians, and leaders in the field to generate these sets. 

An example of the standard set for “Older Person”: 

Their work reflects a desire to enforce best practices by placing an emphasis on patient-centered care. They aim to redefine the way physicians discuss health and progress to improve communication and understanding with patients. The ICHOM proports to increase informed decision making among patients with regard to their health, improve quality of care, and reduce health costs.  

Visit https://www.ichom.org to learn more about the consortium. And be sure to ask next time you have to get a procedure or treatment done: ‘What outcomes are being tracked for this procedure?’ or ‘What am I hoping will be the outcome of this treatment?’  The best providers are very likely tracking outcomes.