New Year Update

This time of year, many of us travel to see loved ones. With three adult children in three far-apart cities, I’ve learned how important it is to plan ahead to keep the flight costs down.

My brother, an airline pilot, will tell you it’s even more important to plan ahead for safety reasons. Preparing for the unexpected keeps the plane in the air and the passengers comfortable. In his words, “Always fly ahead of the plane.”

At St. Vincent’s Health Partners, we’re all about flying ahead of the plane. We stay ahead of the industry. We plan for innovation. And we anticipate changes in care delivery models so we can shift direction with minimal risk.

Flying ahead keeps the costs down and ensures safe outcomes. 

Wherever 2019 takes you, we encourage you to fly ahead of your plane. We’ll be right there with you.

                              Colleen Swedberg, Interim President