2018 BeneFair & Medicare Summit

SVHP’s medical management services have proven to meet its goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving health outcomes, while bringing satisfaction to employers and their employees. On September 6th, SVHP’s CEO, Dr. Michael Hunt, along with our VP of Strategy, Colleen Swedberg, attended and presented at the 2018 BeneFair & Medicare Summit, which was hosted by the Connecticut Benefit Brokers.

The attendees at this event were primarily benefits specialists and brokers, looking to gain knowledge on how to expand benefit offerings to their clients. The focus of Dr. Hunt and Colleen’s talk encompassed strategies that lead to improved health outcomes and reduction in healthcare spending.

Finding a sustainable solution to the continuous increasing healthcare costs is a significant need for employers who provide the benefit. Employers must make decisions about how to maintain profitability, while still providing healthcare coverage to their employees. Medical Management serves to improve employee health and thus impact healthcare spending over the long term. Impact includes reduction in health risks, improvements in employee health and improvements in productivity.

For more information on the Connecticut Benefit Brokers – A Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters, please visit their website.