CHA’s Statewide Social Determinants of Health Collaborative Kick-Off

Connecticut Hospital Association’s Statewide Social Determinants of Health Collaborative Kick-Off
Wallingford, CT, June 5, 2018

Attended by SVHP’s Sophia Jackson, BSN, RN, Associate Director of Transformation

Speaker: Bridging Hospitals and Communities by Dr. Pritpal S Tamber, MDChB

“It’s time to accept that health is just one of the many priorities in people’s lives. Not the top priority but a relative one.”

To respond, health care needs to reconceive its relationship with the communities it serves. Our mission is to enhance health care’s ability to do that”.

“Our work tells us there are 12 Principles.  They describe an inclusive, participatory and responsive process for working together that has the potential to foster something core to having a sense of control: agency-the ability to make purposeful choices”. “We have learned that the importance of agency to health is well-appreciated within the community sector and public health, but health care lags far behind”.

The 12 Principles are:

  1. Include in a community’s collective effort those who live there, those who work there, and those who deliver or support services provided there
  2. Spend time understanding differences in context, goals and power
  3. Appreciate the arc of local history as part of the story of a place
  4. Elicit, value, and respond to what matters to community residents
  5. Facilitate and support the sharing of power, including building the capacity to use it and acknowledging existing imbalances
  6. Operate at four levels at the same time: individual, community, institutional and policy
  7. Accept that this is long-term iterative work
  8. Embrace uncertainty, tension and missteps as sources of success
  9. Measure what matters, including the process and experience of the work
  10. Build a vehicle buffered from the constraints of existing systems and able to respond to what happens, as it happens
  11. Build a team capable of working in a collaborative, iterative way, including being able to navigate the tensions inherent in this work
  12. Pursue sustainability creatively; it’s as much about narrative, process and relationships as it is about resources


Speaker from Montefiore: Amanda Parsons, MD, MBA VP of Community and Population Health at Montefiore Health System