SVHP Spring Summit

SVHP Makes a New ‘Transition’

April 19th was the date of SVHP’s first ‘Summit’ held in the conference center at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Participants at this unique forum consist of key administrative and clinical stakeholders from the SVHP membership including representation from the acute, post-acute, emergency room, and primary care member organizations. The new President and CEO of St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Dawn Rudolph, was able to stop in at the Spring Summit to express her recognition of and appreciation for the value of this group.

The forum, formerly the Transition Leadership Committee’  (TLC), has successfully  focused for 3 years on building the work of effective transitions between all settings.

The TLC has been the significant working body within the CIN  building working relationships across the continuum, determining the barriers preventing healthy transitions and devising strategies which have overcome or mitigated those barriers.

Over time the focus of the forum has evolved beyond ‘transitions’ to a broader scope encompassing all  the key areas affecting network quality and integrity and it was time to make a change – that change is captured in the Spring Summit forum.

The agenda was packed with items presented by members and external partners speaking to initiatives currently in progress, as well as dialogue about newly available opportunities to move forward more effectively.

Thank you in particular to physicians Corina Marcu (St. Vincent’s Medical Center) for describing the progress on the Readmission Reduction strategy,  Rahul Gupta (Goldfarb, Ranno & Associates) for speaking about the weekly SVHP  wide Telephonic Huddle,  Imran Siddiqui (St. Vincent’s Medical Center) for describing the merits of having this mature clinically integrated network in place for improved outcomes in  surgical patients and Michael Hunt (St. Vincent’s Health Partners) for summarizing  the timeliness of the work on the road to risk based contract arrangements.

Copies of  key tools which have been widely distributed throughout the network were available and referenced including an Advanced Illness Checklist, RN to RN Calls Checklist, Social Work to Social Work Call Checklist and the SVHP One Stop Contact List.

To learn more about the SVHP Spring Summit please contact Pani Stanton, Associate Director for Medical Management at SVHP,