Alex Azar’s Speech: The Transition to Value-Based Care

HHS Secretary Alex Azar discussed the nation’s transition to a value-based care system in a speech to America’s Health Insurance Plans in Washington, D.C., March 8.

Here are eight key quotes from Mr. Azar’s talk.

1. “Today’s healthcare system is simply not delivering outcomes commensurate with its cost — President [Donald] Trump knows it, and the American people know it, too. But there is a better way. Imagine a day when healthcare delivery in the [U.S.] functions the way other parts of our economy do. We as patients would pick providers with the level of information we have when using Amazon or Yelp. Consumers would drive quality and cost-effectiveness with information, competition and genuine choice.”


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“Putting the healthcare consumer in charge, letting them determine value, is a radical reorientation from the way that American healthcare has worked for the past century…Simply put, our current system may be working for many. But it’s not working for patients, and it’s not working for the taxpayer.”

Alex Azar


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