Lowering the Burden of Adult Disease, One Shot at a Time

Source: Becker’s Healthcare, National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit

Although adults shoulder the greatest burden of illness, hospitalizations,
disability and death from vaccine-preventable diseases, attention to vaccination
needs for U.S. adults has largely been overlooked.
The CDC recommends vaccinations throughout a person’s lifetime. Since
its creation in 1993, the U.S. Government’s Vaccines for Children Program
has contributed to high vaccine coverage levels by providing vaccines to
underinsured, uninsured, Medicaid-insured and Alaska Native/American Indian
children. School requirements for children’s vaccinations also significantly
contribute to high pediatric vaccination rates. The adult population lacks
the same public health infrastructure and financial support as the pediatric
population when it comes to immunizations.
This whitepaper discusses contributors to lagging U.S. adult immunizations and
opportunities for advancing vaccination efforts. Industry experts discuss key
challenges pushing adult vaccination programs to the wayside, such as data
exchange complications and absence of provider priority, and recommend six
action items healthcare systems can implement to overcome obstacles.


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