SVHP partners with Qualidigm to Take a Stand on Antimicrobial Stewardship

By Erika Foster, St. Vincent’s Health Partners

St. Vincent’s Health Partners is proud to announce its participation in the National Antimicrobial Stewardship Collaborative Program in partnership with Qualidigm! This project is part of a national CMS movement to combat the growing issue of antibiotic resistance through the use of evidence-based educational resources for both providers and patients on inappropriate antibiotic use and the negative implications of misusing using these types of medications.


Participation in the program kicked off on August 30th with a National Education Series on communication techniques for providers who are speaking to patients who come to the office with the expectation of receiving antibiotics, despite these medications being inappropriate for the condition at hand.


Effective communication from a provider to a patient under these circumstances will include the four following elements:

  1. Review physical examination findings with your patient
    1. E.g. “your ears and throat are fine which do not indicate XYZ
  2. Deliver a clear diagnosis
    1. E.g. “Symptoms XYZ support that this is a really bad cold”
  3. Use a two part negative/positive treatment recommendation
    1. For example “antibiotics won’t help with this but XYZ will help with your symptoms”
    2. Patients are less satisfied when there are only negative treatment recommendations
    3. Lead with negative recommendations, and end with the positive recommendations
      1. Ways to deliver this include: “on the one hand… on the other hand….”, “bad news/good news….”
      2. This disrupts patients from asking combative questions until the full recommendation is given
      3. This model of delivery can help to shorten visit and increase patient satisfaction
  4. Always end your communication with a contingency plan
    1. E.g. “Please contact us within X amount of time if symptoms persist/worsen
    2. Or you can write a prescription to be filled in 3 days if symptoms persist


SVHP Practices participating in this collaborative include:

  1. All St. Vincent’s Multispecialty Group Primary Care Practices
  2. Colon and Rectal Surgeons
  3. Dr. Hervey Weitzman
  4. Prime Health of Southport
  5. Pulmonary and Internal Medicine of Fairfield County